The Social Initiative Forum - Goetheanum Worldwide (SIF) and Nyendo Lernen invite friends from North, South, East and West to share living experiences and build a space of working together with changemakers in the slums of Nairobi. Our intention is to give light to our inner capacities as human beings by overcoming the invisible wall that separates the rich and the poor. And through witnessing and meeting the other, we can learn from and be inspired by each other’s strivings, enabling us to act in the world out of a renewed sense of responsibility and commitment. 

SIF Nairobi 2020 : Inuka Sasa Summit sets camp in Kangemi/Kawangware, a slum with a population of 200,000 residents, where more than 100 community “Self-Help Initiative” schools provide basic education for 80,000 children. The CIFEFA network of 14 schools work interdependently with each other and connected with 7 German/Austrian partnership schools under Nyendo Lernen. In Nairobi 80% of 4 Mio Citizens live on 5% of the land, in 200 different slums.

The participants of this Forum are invited by SIF and Nyendo Lernen from their respective networks - 45 SIF members come from Europe, South America, Japan, the US, and neighboring African countries; and 35 participants come from Kenya.

Venue and accommodation

From 12th to 14th April at Swak Research Center, next to the National Park Nairobi on Massai Lodge Road.
From 14th to 18th April at the Scriptior Mission on Langata Road


Estimated costs including accommodation, meals and transportation:
Regular price: CHF 550.–
Supported: CHF 440.–
Visiting Nairobi Natural Park (optional): CHF 65.–

Please fill in the amount (i.e. 550 + 65 = CHF 615) in the form and pay it with your favorite creditcard or paypal.