Initiative Group Social threefold - Common Welfare Economy (CWE)

In June 2014, a closed working group on social Threefold formed in relation to the common welfare economy.
In this initiative both similarities and differences between the two systems should be worked out.
In this regard are planed publications as well as events.
So is envisaged in 2015, a Conference-meeting with representatives offered at the Goetheanum.
Similarly, a modular training at the Goetheanum in 2016 or 2017 with the inclusion of Experts of both directions is intended. Young people in particular are to be introduced to both the Common Welfare Economy and the Social threefold movement.

There are five members of the core group who met for the first time. First issues for the future joint and cooperations were already formulated.

Director: Volker Jäger (coordinator of the science and research circle of CWE)