Participate in the work of the Social Science Section

Participation in the work of the Section is in principle open to anyone who is interested in anthroposophical social and spiritual research. Some of the groups within the Section are open, such as the group on Social Work, and others are exclusively for those cultivating a certain professional direction.

Whoever wishes to receive information about the work of the section can ask to be sent the newsletter and events taking place in his or her area of involvement. Please send an email to Juan Bottero

The annual meeting of the Section takes place in March. Here the members of the Section and those interested are invited. At present this circle has about 3000 people.

The Section provides a framework where professionals can aspire to knowledge in their field based on Spiritual Scientific research. Through the work and the initiatives of a large number of people a manifold life in a number of areas of research, professional and social development could unfold.

The Section also provides a platform where people conversant with the impulses of Rudolf Steiner can find partners for professional dialogue. Whoever feels connected with Anthroposophy can further this through becoming a member of the Anthroposophical Society and the School of Spiritual Science.

Membership of the Section for Social Science is applied for and confirmed in writing by the Section leader (Gerald Häfner). Please approach Juan Bottero for details

Further information about membership here.-