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How We Will Forum 2017

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24 Dez, 2017

Ein großes Forum zur Dreigliederung in Los Angeles / USA

Ein internationales Dreigliederungsforum am Fuße der Hollywood Hills in Kalifornien, organisiert vom Team des „Elderberries Threefold Café“, einem Projekt nicht nur für gesundes Essen, sondern auch für eine bessere Welt stand Ende August auf meinem Reiseplan.

Und es war wirklich faszinierend. Gekommen waren Menschen aller Altersstufen und aus ganz unterschiedlichen Bereichen, schon geographisch. Neben Amerikaner(inne)n etlicher Bundesstaaten waren da Menschen aus (u.a.) Australien, Indien, Korea, Russland, Deutschland, Schweiz, Belgien, Holland, Schweden, England, Italien, Argentinien, Brasilien, Kolumbien, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico und Kanada. Sie alle trafen sich zu einer intensiven, lebendigen, bunten, offenen, inspirierenden und impulsierenden gemeinsamen Arbeit an den Fragen der Zeit und den Aufgaben unserer heutigen Welt.

Nachfolgend zwei Berichte (in Englischer Sprache) von Truus Geraets und Neil Weinberg:



hosted superbly by Elderberries Threefold Café, West Hollywood

Truus Geraets  (California, )

For a group of up to 100 people to find meaning and new determination in today’s uncertain, apocalyptic times might have been the hope of the organizers.

They knew that by inviting Orland Bishop, Los Angeles based Community Activist and Founder of Shadetree Multicultural Foundation, Nicanor Perlas from the Philippines, Activist and Co-founder of Global Network for Social Threefolding as well as Gerald Haefner, Activist/ Co-founder of the Green Party in Germany, Leader of the Social Science Section at the Goetheanum, the tone would be set for deep thought, finding back to our deepest impulses to what our intentions were for being alive in this time and age.

This group consisted of many young people under the age of 30, many others having spent their professional life in line with the basic premises of this Conference, namely the Threefolding of Society in the fields of Economy, the Rights sphere and the Cultural realm. The age range being between 18 and 86.

Most remarkable was the international flavor of people attending from as far as Australia, India, N. Korea, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Canada. Europe was being represented by people from Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Italy. All the rest were American citizens or people here on Permanent Residencies.

This group became the prototype of peace and harmony, a basic tenet set by those connected directly to Elderberries Café:

“Believe under all circumstances in the basic goodness of the other person”.

We became very aware of the pitfalls of society, as we heard explicitly from Nicanor Perlas about the seemingly un- stoppable development of Artificial Intelligence (for short AI). We may think here of the ascent of Robots, Genetic Engineering. Yet, as brought forward by different contributors: AI cannot control or destroy the basic values of Inner Development.

Beyond the true need for Inner Development, this reality needs to find its other aspect in building meaningful relation- ships to other people. Instead of AI, how do we find the way to Beneficial Intelligence (book by Ray Kurzner)?

Gerald Haefner stressed the absolute need to create a Civil Society through Social Bonding. From the three spheres of the Threefold Social Order as envisioned by Rudolf Steiner, the Cultural Sphere seems to be the weakest link. That is where each individual can have the greatest impact.
We heard how through Nicanor’s efforts there is already the beginning of a new culture of Social Threefolding in the Philippines.

All depends now if we can let our hearts speak and thus speak from our hearts
as could be experienced in the many contributions of different participants.
One participant left us with a hefty sized book, The Human Way, where we are asked to take part in an effort to improve ourselves in whatever way seems appropriate to us, the 12 Step Program of Alcohol Anonymous, the 8-fold path of Buddha or the anthro-path: How to obtain Knowledge of Higher Worlds by Rudolf Steiner.

More important than anything else is the realization that each time we make an effort to improve ourselves sincerely or are involved in trying to improve a specific situation in the world, we can count on the help of the angelic beings. Be- cause the spiritual world expects us to become co-creators in line with true progress of and in the world, each time when we muster up the courage to do so in a meaningful way, we can count on their help.
Each day is a gift, due to the sacrifices made by the hierarchical worlds. Each day creates new possibilities as long as we are open to the element of change that is the reality of LIFE itself.

We did not come to harvest. We came to plant seeds, to water the seeds in ourselves and in those we meet on our path.




Neil Weinberg (Washington State,

From Gerald Hafner

Just as we incarnate in a physical body that we change everyday, so that the physical body we leave behind at death is not the same one into which we incarnated, we incarnate in a social body formed of rules, laws, and constitutional forms. Our social lives depend on what this body allows and asks us to do. This social body, created by humans based on ideas and thoughts, some of which are now “old crusts of thoughts” from the nineteenth century and before, evokes or limits our human impulses and behaviors and their development.

We must ask: Can we live in these social bodies? Can we create new bodies based on new thoughts?

After WWII, the world was divided in two and Germany was in the middle divided by the boundary between two ideologies. On the west, egoism - the greatest human well-being is every person striving for his or her own self. On the east, communism - every human being has the same identical life allotment determined by the state. We are still torn apart by this polarity. We have not overcome, but still live in the old categories.

Ninety percent of the people in Germany say they are not content with the economic life, that the system is not fair and not sustainable. If every person follows his/her own self-interest, we will kill the world. The dramatic unsustainability of the western capitalist form awakens something new. Our economic life is already actualizing our essential relatedness (fraternity). Wherever people work, they work for others and others work for them. Everything you need is done for you by others.

We are capable of having new thoughts. It starts nowhere else but within ourselves. When you start having new thoughts you will find others and that the world is open to the new.

We are starting to begin to work and live in a new attentiveness that we are responsible for the society, for the rules; the rules must be based on the objective truth of the equality of all people, and so made by all people with equal discourse and decision. This requires new forms of direct democracy. We cannot give away the decisions to someone else.

We begin to conceive what the world looks like if we understand that our concept of property is an illusion. What lives under the soil, oil, gas, metal, commodities that are bought and sold, this is the property of all humanity. We must rethink our whole concept of property and money. In order for humankind to survive it must become free and equal.

We can participate consciously in our incarnation process. It’s not my body, it’s a body I share with others. We can create soul bodies among us, by welcoming, sharing a thought

in a new way, in the way that we are listening. It is not just thoughts buts deeds, building up initiatives to create social bodies for others, for young people to incarnate.

From Orland Bishop

If we are to see into the future, time doesn’t begin here, when we realize the what of our question. Rather than creating a question and asking by thinking we don’t know the answer; we are not asking in a way that our cognition can take up the answer. Metamorphosis is the reality, everything is changing now. Consciousness is the reality. This is Orland’s work in the world -- changing grammar, it’s not a finished thing.

The question is: Can I be that being for the world? Can I trust being that being for the world? When we are in love we really take risks. I listened to the power that will be revealed in the answers that are given. We must free spiritual worlds from being enslaved. Take a moral stand, protecting the spiritual world from ourselves. When you have a thought, turn it into love and give it away. Co-evolve into the process. The mo- ment you introduce your idea it becomes dead. Take the risk of co-creating with the other.

Initiation is the radical change. Uncertain about the next steps? There is a truth in sleeping and dying. Human beings have other stages of consciousness. Life has spontaneous moments. The most practical is to build a relationship with some other human being who will be there and you will be there for them. Be willing in relationship.

New social forms that embody who we really are: What does it mean to be human? Draw out the deepest aspirations with- in us. How can we be truly human in the deepest sense, in- terconnected with all these levels of reality? Let us always remember who we are.

From Nicanor Perlas

The best way to predict the future is to create it (quoting someone else). We must link ourselves together, awaken ourselves to the reality that we are not doing this alone.
To prepare for the higher I to incarnate, we have cause to transform ourselves with each other. In community we do this through the other. The social body is created by every thought, feeling. It could be different when you start becom- ing yourself, then it will take the shape of you.

We are being called to participate in the conscious evolution of the universe. The digitalization of humanity is the digitali- zation of the cosmos; a narrow understanding of reality. You can see the purpose and intent in this direction. We can change the direction. The spiritual world trusts that we can use our capacities, feeling where the future is co-determined. There is no small initiative if you are co-creating with the spir- itual powers that create the universe. To be free is to be able to co-create. In the beginning was the Word. It is not over until it ends in Love.


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Pictures by Mats-Ola Olsson