Knowing Self Through Others

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Empathy, a Path Towards a Just and Fraternal Society

The 2018 World Social Initiative Forum in Japan invites you to take part in a reflection and celebration of multiculturalism, diversity and the future of humanity. People from all over the world with an interest in education, youth, politics, economy and the arts will come together to work, debate and explore key questions to help us build bridges across nations, cultures, beliefs and world-views. The forum will include lectures by leaders in the fields of education, social work and Anthroposophy (including Nicanor Perlas, Joan Sleigh, Ute Craemer and Daisuke Onuki), as well as group activities to explore what true connection and fellowship means and can do for our societies today. Together, we will explore what the future of education may be like if we begin to understand empathy as a tool to build new communities out of respect, acceptance and integration of our differences.

The Forum will consist of two events in two different places. These events can be attended separately but complement each other and together form a unity. A Pre-Forum Event: “Spiritual Approaches to Social Problems” on 29th/30th March will take place in Minobusan University (Yamanashi-ken), followed by the main event of the World Social Initiative Forum from 31st March-2nd April at the National CHUO Youth Friendship Centre (Gotenba, Shizuoka-ken)



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